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Haynes230 High Temperature Alloy Forgings


Haynes230 is a nickel chromium tungsten molybdenum alloy designed to combine excellent high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance (up to 2100 ° F), nitrogen resistance, and long-term stability. Alloy 230 is a solid solution strengthening material with good machinability at room temperature and is particularly suitable for long-term applications at temperatures of 1200 ° F (649 ° C) or higher. Its lifespan can be more than 100 times longer than stainless steel and nickel alloys, depending on temperature conditions.

Chemical composition of Haynes230 alloy

Nickel: 47.00-65.00

Iron: maximum 3.00

Chromium: 20.00-24.00

Cobalt: max 5.00

Molybdenum: 1.00-3.00

Tungsten: 13.00-15.00

Carbon: 0.05-0.15

Manganese: 0.30-1.00

Silicon: 0.25-0.75

Aluminum: 0.20-0.50

Lanthanum: 0.005-0.05

Phosphorus: max 0.03

Sulfur: 0.015 maximum

Boron: 0.015 maximum

Titanium: max 0.10

Copper: Max 0.50

Characteristics of Haynes230 alloy

Haynes230 (N06230) nickel based high-temperature alloy exhibits excellent performance in high-temperature environments, exhibiting excellent high-temperature strength and creep resistance. It can maintain good mechanical properties and structural stability at high temperatures.

Haynes 230 alloy has good corrosion resistance and can resist various corrosive media, including oxidation atmosphere, sulfide atmosphere, and chloride corrosion at high temperatures. This makes Haynes 230 alloy widely used in high-temperature corrosive environments.

Haynes 230 alloy has excellent oxidation resistance and can effectively resist damage caused by high-temperature oxidation and thermal cycling oxidation. The oxide layer formed at high temperatures can provide protection and extend the service life of the alloy.

Haynes 230 alloy has good weldability and can be connected and repaired through various welding methods, including inert gas shielded welding, arc welding, laser welding, etc.

Haynes 230 alloy application areas:

The petroleum and natural gas industry: high-temperature reactors, pipelines, and storage tanks in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Energy industry: combustion chambers, combustion heads, and heat exchangers for nuclear power equipment, gas turbines, and aviation engines.

High temperature processing industry: high-temperature equipment such as furnaces and heaters, vacuum furnaces and annealing furnaces.

Aerospace industry: combustion chambers of jet engines, gas turbines, propulsion systems of aircraft, and thermal protection structures.

Chemical industry: chemical reactors, corrosive medium treatment devices, and chemical storage tanks.

Metal smelting industry: high-temperature components of aluminum and steel smelting equipment.

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